Accidental Repair & Paint
Everyone is in rush these days. We hope that you never get in to an accident, BUT if you do, there is no reason to panic. All you need to do is talk to us and we will take care of the rest. With all the paint and body-shop facilities on-site, we shall turn your car around in no time.

Break Check
Better SAFE than SORRY. Donít compromise with your car brakes. Bring your car to our workshop and let us check it for you.

De Carbonizing
When fuel burns in your engine, it generates Carbon. Allow us to take that unwanted Carbon out of your engine so that it can restore the performance of your vehicle and gives you a great driving experience.

FREE pick-up and drop-off
Donít have time to drop it off for Service/Repair? Donít worry; we will take care of it. Talk to us at +91-898-000-2900 and we shall do the rest.

Inviting customer lounge
Why not relax in our Inviting customer lounge and witness your car getting serviced? We know it sounds exciting. Come and enjoy our elegant and large customer lounge.


Clutch System
Is your Clutch pedal too hard to press? Itís routine wear and tare. Donít put your knees through the pain. Solutions are simple. Talk to us.


Periodic Maintenance Service
ďPrevention is always better than CureĒ. It is equally true for your health as well as your carís health. Get your car maintained at our Hyundai Authorized Service station and we shall ensure that your car is treated by the BEST.

Car Detailing & Paint Restoration
Flaunt your ride. We are experts in Interior Foam Enrichment treatment as well as External Paint Restoration treatments.

All Repairs & Genuine Parts Replacement
We ONLY use Hyundai Genuine Parts to service/repair your car. When you pay for genuine parts, you are not just paying for the great quality but also you are paying for the peace of mind that comes along.


Wheel Balance & Allignment
Unbalanced and out of Alignment wheel will cause your car tyre to wear out much quicker than it should. For a comfortable drive and longer tyre life, get wheel balancing and alignment done at a preferred interval.

A.C. Repair
Air Condition is the most important comfort factor of your car. Periodic maintenance and repair will never leave you sweating. Make sure you ask to get youíre A.C. checked when you visit our service center.

24 Hours Breakdown Services
Stranded? No need to see the watch. Just dial +91-898-000-2900. You are in good hands.